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Production Packet Now Available

Potentially interested in staging the show in your area?  Here's how . . .

The Bus Stop Atheist is a contemporary musical theater production that was, from the very outset, envisioned as a way to present the Good News of Jesus Christ in a compelling fashion that would be entertaining enough to draw in a modern, secular audience.  When the world premiere shows were staged at Maine’s finest theater, Merrill Auditorium in Portland,  in September 2014, hundreds of people who might not ever otherwise set foot in a “church” filled the seats and gave standing ovations.   Many were seen leaving with tears of joy.

It is our fervent hope that others will now take the torch and carry this forward.  A typical venue for this production would be a very large church or a group of churches coming together to produce an event that Christians can feel entirely comfortable inviting their “unchurched” friends and family to enjoy.  The play is unabashedly Christian in its message, but purposefully modern completely non-denominational.

The premiere shows were done entirely as a non-profit event with 100% of the profits donated to Compassion International’s “Water of Life” program.  This play was created as a ministry and we would love to see that continue.  Of course, the ultimate purpose is not to just entertain; it is, rather, to both introduce non-believers to the love of Christ and to provide a spiritual uplift for those who already know Him.

For any group that would like to stage this play, all of the materials necessary to do so are available for a minimal “love offering”.  

Included in the production packet are:

  • The complete soundtrack recordings with vocals
  • The instrumental-only soundtrack for live performances (available in custom formats, such as multitrack Pro Tools files)
  • The instrumental-only soundtrack with background/choral vocals added
  • The sound effects recordings (royalty-free)
  • The script in PDF and/or Microsoft Word format (for the cast to print)
  • The musical scores in either PDF or Sibelius format (again, for the production team to print)
  • Graphics files (vector based) for producing your own promo materials
  • A multi-camera shoot DVD of the final premiere show (so a director and crew can better envision the show)

All materials may be copied, but only for direct use by the cast and production team of a given performance(s).

Finally, the composer/playwright (who also was the music director and producer of the premiere shows), is available to lend whatever consultation may be helpful in achieving a successful run of the show.

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