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a ride to remember

Alan Bean, the Composer/Author/Producer of “The Bus Stop Atheist”

Alan BeanA more eclectic background than that of Alan Bean may be hard to find.  Raised in rural Maine, he was indoctrinated into a love of music by his two older sisters.  They used to spin Motown 45rpm records while forcing him to be their dance partner -- even before kindergarten.  Things changed even further upon seeing the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show – a love had become a passion. 

Alan was raised in the Roman Catholic tradition, served as an altar boy and was the first in his local parish to bring a guitar into a mass (much to the chagrin of many).  When out of direct parental influence, however, the culture of the 70's swallowed him up and "religion" was no longer a viable part of his life. 

He tried studying the sciences in college only briefly after high school before quitting to set out on the road to play music full time.  For about a decade, he toured the country with numerous groups playing rock, country, jazz, blues and R&B, before hanging up his guitar to seek a more "normal" life.  He then decided to try his hand at college again.  This time he excelled, eventually becoming a medical doctor.   Now, much like his lead character in “The Bus Stop Atheist”, science was his idol, his god.

Later, in the midst of a classic mid-life crisis, the guitar beckoned from beneath the bed.  Additionally, a life-long interest in the art and technology of recording led to opening a recording studio.  This turned out to be the vehicle to winding down his medical career and allowing his composing talents to flourish.

Completely unexpectedly, he found himself being hounded by the God of the universe who had been shoved in a corner and denied for nearly 30 years.  Now, with Christ finally in his life, everything was changed.

For more about Alan and the genesis of The Bus Stop Atheist, check out his Composer's Blog, "Conversations at the Bus Stop".

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